Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our trip 6

So we all met togther and went to get the rentals of boards and ski's sorted out, went and settled into our cabin then proceeded for supper! We went to a place called Angels where we all had a great dinner together and started getting our plans for the next day together! BY the way you have the central heating on as high as possible!! So we started the day really early and as you can see we are all dressed up extremely warmly! The maximum for the day was about 0 degrees!! So being all kitted out everyone got ready to go on the mountain except the girls and I who were going to do our own thing! We were meeting again at lunch time half way up the mountain and then we would all go up to the very top which was 11 373 ft!! Interestingly enough we did not battle with the altitude - that was one of my worries! You have to have sunglasses on all the time and getting Kaela to keep her's on was quite an effort!!

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