Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Day

WE started off having a really casual day as we were going to meet up with some of our neighbours in the afternoon at the beach! Unfortunately I got the message 12 hours later! Anyway we still went down after taking Thandi for a walk. It was so busy Kevin could not find parking, so he told us to jump out nad he would carry on looking! He eventaully called and said he was going home, but he was lucky to then find a parking! Anyway the girls and I were hanging with some neighbours of ours who have really been great in including us and introducing us to American culture! After a while, it was time to pack up, but not before Shaz and Steve called to say they were sailing by! It was a tad difficult to see which yacht it was so we kept phoning back and forth with location. Well we eventually could see them, but they were looking at the wrong life guard tower. Anyway I was waving madly and eventaully picked up a chair and held onto that and waved! The people lying on the beach thought our marbles were scattered big time! Anyway the pic I have put on the site you can see Shaz waving at us! We had a great time at the beach and then went home to shower before going to one of the neighbours houses to watch the final Ice hockey game, so all in all we had a good day! Now back to the week.......

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Saturday & Sunday before Memorial day

Well we had a busy weekend! On Saturday we had our monthly family get together, so in preperation the garbage disposal decided to block! Great! Anyway we called a plumber Roto Rooter as we had them back home and a familiar name is always handy! Thankfully our problem was sorted out in no time and I was able to progress with my roast chickens!
We had a great afternoon and celebrated 3 birthdays which had past and 1 that was coming! WE cleaned up and then went for a really long walk which was great as we had been indoors for most of the day. On Sunday we went to church. It was a very sombre service and in memory of those who had lost thier lives in the various wars. I must say that our church is very creative and the stage NEVER looks the same. There was a piper who played Amazing grace with a spotlight on him, but the way the lighting was done was brilliant! After church Steve and Shaz came to get some carrot cake which I am glad to say helped lessen the load of us eating it!!! We then went to a BBQ at some great friends who we are going camping with in June and had our "camp meeting" WE met some great folk and I am sure we will ahve a great time away. Anyway herewith some shots of the girls and a squirrel in our garden!
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Sunday, May 27, 2007


Well this was a cultural experience for me!! Our day started by rising at 4am so we could make a 4 hour trip to Kingsberg to celebrate the Swedish festva. Shaz's Mom inlaw Gloria is of Swedish heritage. Our first stop was of course Starbucks so we could start our journey off awake! We eventually got here and went for breakfast where we had pancakes, peaches and sausages, with coffee! The weather was really nice and warm which was a great change for me! The 3 of us really get on well and had plenty of laughs and ragging each other. We watched the parade, and as you can see, there is a Bassett hound parade, this chap had his colours on! There was procession of cars that came by with folk who had been married for 50 -60 years! The school marching bands, vikings, the mayor, We had a great day and walked around the market, antique shops and then eventually after Shaz had finished browsing we had lunch! The picture of the house is in Gloria's family - stunning!! We then paid a visit to he cemetry before making the 4 hour drive home! Of course had to find a starbucks again!! The route home was called the vineyard and was on fire so it was very smokey and visibility was not great but thankfully we made it home safe and sound nad had a splendid day out in the country!

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Dad and Daughter Date night

So tonight I am having a night of peace and quiet! When does a mom EVER get that? Kev and the girls are going on a Dad and Daughter date night. they are going to the Laguna Beach Playhouse to see Anne of Green Gables! This is one of my favourite stories.
Anyway there was great excitment in getting dressed and dolled up to go out with Dad! Kaela had a nervous excitment, whereas Becca just wants to get going.
So what am I going to do? I never have peace and quiet without having to rush off and fetch someone!! I will probably watch some Tv and then have an early night as I need to rise and shine before the sparrows even contemplate opening an eyeball!

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Thandi & Tessa

Well this is Thandi's playmate! Her name is Tessa! She lives in the same cul-de-sac and we got Thandi from the same breeder. SHe is 18 mths old! They have lots of fun together and play 2 afternoons a week. They seem to know they have this bond! Don't you love the pose?
These 2 pics are the typical border collie look and these 2 are like peas in a pod when doing things! They have very similar markings to and get on like a house on fire. Thandi looks for Tessa when we go for a walk past her house! We have this fantastic grass patch down the side which makes a great play/run area
Miss Thandi ready to get her play ball! She is so cute and has quite the personality!
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day

Well this was our first Mother's day in California! My family made me egg and bacon, gave me quite a few cards and those beautiful roses you can see! We went to church which went really well and we had a good service. We then needed to walk Thandi before we headed off for a picnic at Coronoa del mar! We went with Steve and Sharon, Dennis and Gloria, Katie and us! WE had a great time and Becca and Kaela went down to the rock pools where they played with some sea enemies (anenomes)!! WE had great sandwhiches from Subway and upon insistance I had made a carrot cake! Which apprently did not last long with leftovers taken to work! WE had a great day hanging out and relaxing, playing some form of tennis until the ball made it's way into a storm drain, whilst the girls blew huge bubbles at everyone walking past!

WE have a busy weekend coming up. Kev is taking the girls on a Dad and daughter date night! They are going to see Anne of Green Gables at the Laguna Beach theatre. On Saturday morning I am heading off bright and early with Shaz and Gloria to Kingsberg whihc is about 4 hours away. We are starting to do more exploring and it will be great to go on a girl's roadtrip! Kev will then be taking the girls to on a playdate with our great friends the Watermans. SUnday we will be able to chill and hopefully not literally!

Wow I think I am getting the hang of this whihc is great! I had better sign off until next time, Tot siens!!

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Don't these girls look like they are born sailors? Becca was a bit sea sick by the end but they enjoyed it. Our sailing partners in crime were Gloria & Dennis, Steve, Sharon and Katie. At one time Katie, Shaz and I had our feet ahnging in the water, then Shaz spottes a fin and we were all aboard quicker than you could ever imagine, however it was "just a sun fish" Just is such a word!!!

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This week

Wow another week has flown past! We went sailing on Sunday which was fun! We are starting to get ready for our move across the road and have heard some pretty scarey stories from our neighbours!!! Anyway tomorrow the girls are going to there Aunt Shaz to do some painting and are totally stoked about it! The weather has really been nice and warm and we are looking forward to a stunning Mother's day! Our first in the US of A!! Check out our sailing!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

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Friday, May 04, 2007

the beach

the best picture ever.
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