Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The kids rooms

Beccas room (pink) and Kaela's room (green) So hopefully by all the pics you can see that we are settled and upacked for 2 years now! I honestly cannot face another move!!!

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Our room, and the study and the kids bathroom!

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This is our patio and the view of Saddleback mountain, but unfortunately today it is hazy! If I get up brihgt nad early maybe I will get a better shot, but it is school holidays so....... no getting up early sorry!

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Our House 2

So this is the lounge, fireplace, dining room and as you can see I have a passion for blue glass! there is so much storage place which is great!

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Our house

This is the fountain by the front door, followed by the Tv lounge, kitchen and guest bathroom! I ahve to put the bathrooms in as some people wish to see everything!

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Our new place

This is our new place - 30292 Via Reata! These are the grounds, then the condo and then our entrance way! The kids love playing around the nieghbourhood! The cul-de-sac is quiet and reasonably safe!

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Camping Morning

This was keeping thandi occupied at the crack of dawn! She was charging from one end of the tent to the other and having a grand time!
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Ok, so this was our first time camping with the kids ever! As you can see the car was jam packed! We had an absolute blast and Thandi also came with. The journey there was quite long due to a lot of traffic and it was really very hot there but as we got up into the mountains it got cooler and the altitude started to kick in! We were 5000 feet above sea level! Would take a few steps and then not be abel to breathe! Anyway we had a great time with really chilly evenings - so thank goodness for my hot water bottle hubby! Our 2 girls were always first up and they seemed to have a good time! One time Becca was killing a bug and she now thought it was dead, but Kaela said No becca it is still real!!! We returned home on Sunday to start with our packing and moving! However will be going camping again!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Last School day

Well Becca had a great last day at school and now we are done for about 8 weeks!
Anyway she had a class party to attend which we did and on our return, there was a fire at Becca's school. Anyway the shots are taken as the fire station is right below us. Everyone was moved to safety but we had 2 of these choppers dousing water. They then landed after letting out the rest of the water and was very interesting to watch. I was outside with Thandi at the time. The response of the emergency services here is incredible!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Well as you can see our little ball of fluff has grown! I decided to do an update on Thandi as well!
Thandi has been a fantastic addition to our family.
She is very smart and is learning new things everyday! She competed her first training course, now we are jsut waiting for her to be 6 months so she can start her next one! We would like to get her into agility classes to at some point. She knows our schedule and when it is time to take the girls to school she is at the door waiting! She is always excited on the return of anyone. We have great places to walk her and so she is exercised a lot! This weekend she will have her first camping experience! She is losing all her puppy hair right now and getting her adult coat.

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Well Father's day arrived! We had an early start and went to church! After church we got ready to go on the boat where we hung out with Ste, Shaz, Katie and later Dennis and Gloria. We had a great time on there and Steve was doing tours of the harbour so 3 people would go with him in the dinghy. Us 3 girls have all just got new Oakleys, so here we are showing you that it is not only sportswoman who use them!! WE had sandwhiches from Subway and I had made a chocolate cake. the weather was fabulous and only started clouding up around 3:30, so we managed to get a bit of sun on our backs. We had a great time, and as you can see Miss Kaela could be the skipper!

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This weekend was Becca's first Irish dance recital! She did really well and had a row of supporters!! She is very enthusiastic and is getting on fine! The colourful outfits are for girls at championship level! So after an afternoon of Irish dancing we went to my Uncle and Aunt for a braai/BBQ which was great.

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Well this has been an interesting term for Becca at school. They have been learning about dinosaurs!! She has been really enthusiastic about it which has been very positive! Anyway this past Friday we went to see her class's dinosaur play! She did really well with her lines and being the drama queen she is, certainly needs no guidance in that department! One of her projects for the term was to make a dinosaur, so herewith a pic of Kevin and her. There is no way her mother is capable of such artistic and constructional stuff so hence why it is left up to Dad!! They had a ball making it!
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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kev's bday

Well we woke up at the crack of dawn so that the girls could see Kevin before he set off for work. I had wrapped all his presents when I had purchased them so that little girls did not blab! In the evening we went for dinner at quite a stunning place overlooking the Dana Point Harbour called the Chart House. We had a great evening of food and managed to have an adult conversation! Shaz and Steve watched the girls and all seemed to go well!

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Kodak Theatre

Ok, so this is where the Oscars are held! We just missed the last tour for the day! It was very busy as they were getting ready for the premier of Ocean's 13. George Clooney was going to be doing his hands and feet impression on the sidewalk today! Next to the Kodak theatre is the Chinese Theatre.
All in all we had a fabulous day and really enjoyed ourselves. Totally exhausted we started our week!
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The walk of stars

After we had been to Santa Monica we went to a place called The J. Paul Getty Art Museum. It is a stunning museum and made out of imported Italian Tile. We were privileged to see some of the original paintings by Van Gogh, Monet and other artists from this era. After nearly starving we had lunch at In n' Out and then did the walk of stars. Miss Kaela was very excited to see her fav stars and was very bold in going forward and saying Hi! WE continued to walk around for a good while!

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Santa Monica

Herewith the display.
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Sunday was another busy day as we went through to LA! We started off going for breakfast at a place called The Cottage in Laguna Beach! Steve wwas running a tight schedul and we managed to be out of there 4 mins early! We had a good laugh all day about"the schedule" it was for our benefit though as we wanted to get a lot in! So off we went to Sant Monica! As you can see Starbucks was another important stop for a the day! As we were leaving there was a crime scene investigation going on in the park! Shaz was really keen to watch as she had never seen something like that but unfortunately homicide was not in our schedule! When we were walking along the pier there was tribute to all who had lost their lives in the Iraq war.

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Seaworld from the air

So you can see that the space is quite big, take a look at all the cars in the parking area!

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Seaworld 4

Right! SO the pet show! The animals that are in this very creative production are all rescue animals! The brown border collie comes out to "who let the dogs out" and then the stage is a scurry with cats, dogs, pigs, ducks, parrots and pigeons all going to their places for the show. We had a good time and enjoyed seeing the animlas do all there tricks. So after the petshow we went for a sky ride where we got anb overview of what Sea world was from the air!

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Seaworld 3

Ok so beofre we get to the pets I had to do some more Shamu! Check the wall of water being hurled and see how big they are! The trainers have a lot of fun with them and use hand signals!

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Seaworld 2

So after the dophin show we went to have lunch before it was rush hour and hten walked around the park some more seeing the shark display and then the dolphins being fed! We then went to the Shamu show which is always great. they are incredibly big and amazing! the ones in the show were 25 yrs old and 47!
We then went to see the Pet show whihc did not catch the first time and what fun!

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Seaworld 1

Ok, so we had a student who had previously stayed with us in CT come to stay for a few days! So Saturday we went to Sea World! We had to take Thandi to the pet hotel as this was the best option for her with us being away for the whole day! We then set off for San Diego which was about an hours drive , of course before we started off we had to stop at Starbucks!! Anyway after a painless drive we started off our day in SD with very overcast weather and a bit of drizzle but it did not dampen our spirits! WE started off seeing this baby Clydesdale, followed by the seals and then we went to the Dolphin show which of course was just great as usual. One lady did not realise the show had started and was walking in the SOAK ZONE and she kept getting wet, it was hilarious! It is far safer above the first 10 rows as they can really splash!

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