Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another visit to Zoomars

Of course we had to take Leo to see all the animals! He had a ball, riding a pny, feeding goats, picking up bunnies and guinea pigs and was very unhappy to have to leave! Could be those 2 1/2 yr old things but he had fun! He also was totally fascinated with a turkey. The girls enjoy seeing some of those animlas which we used to have. They have ducks like ours, an African grey and the bunnies! We also got to see tiny baby bunnies who were nestled in a mommies nest! Anyway This Week is Thanksgiving and most of the cousins on my Mom's side of the family will be there, this time all of our additions to our families in tow!

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Cousin Leo

Well this is an interesting week in the Garrod House! We are looking after cousin Leo who is 2 1/2! He has 2 adoring "big " sisters. It has been very interesting having a little person and a little boy in the house as we are used to girls! Anyway he has been fine and we have kept him very busy! Becca would cope with another sibling but Kaela would not!! It is funny to see the different personalities coping with a different situation I am also quite clear on my standing and thank the Lord for just my 2 children!
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At the beach

WE were down at the beach doing some pics, so wanted you to see the sunset we saw and then our 2 girls! Becca has already got some admirers so Dad is going to have to watch out very carefully. They have had some really good days especially when we were all closed in doors with the fires. They play wonderfully together and Becca is a very good big sister!

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Our baby can write

This has been a good week! This week our baby learnt to write her name, so herewith her rendition! She is really doing well at school and enjoying it!
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Battle of the Bands

Here in school there are various things that happen and make it fun to have class competitions! This time Becca's class won the Grade 2 section for collecting the most in Gift Wrap sales. So each grade has a winner and they compete in what is called Battle of the Bands! Each class picks a song to rock to! Becca's class did the beach Boys, be true to your school. So here she is rocking with the boys, the girls were doing pompoms, but all ended up with guitars at the end! The kids had a total blast. Anyway with Thanksgiving around the corner, this weeks activities have been geared towards that!

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Our Princesses

Well herewith our princesses. Becca is dressed up as Cinderella and Kaela as Ariel. We had so much fun dressing up and putting "makemuck" on! Both girls looked great and very very excited. Miss B is certainly into breaking some hearts at present!

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