Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The view

Well this last week has been really cold and wet! So the other morning when the clouds lifted for a bit this was the view from our balcony! The first mountain is directly in front of us and the second one is to the side a bit! As you can see there is plenty of snow! I was reading the weather report today for Mammoth and they have had 3m of snow, the best in a while so I reckon we are in for a real fine time in 2 weeks! So finally we are all geared up and just have a few last odds and ends to do and then We're off!!!!! It should be interesting as this will be the longest car trip the girls have done! Fortuantely we have lots to entertain them with!

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Out and about

Out and about we were! After church we neede to do a few chore things and it is always great to have another driver considering I drive all week! So after we had done our shopping at Mother's, Trader Joe and a few other places we went for lunch at Islands! the funny thing is the place was basically empty and we were asked if we were not interested in the game! Well apparently the game was a football one. Anyway we had a great day doing stuff together and had a good lunch. I am a bit hesitant in what I have these days so I choose WELL cooked things!
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School holiday

Well on the 21st of January it was Martin Luther King day so the children did not have school. We decided to hang out with my sis's sister-in-law Christine! So we went to our fav haunt Zoomars where we all had a blast pickin gup bunnies, guinea pigs, seeing baby goats and riding horses! It was a really cold day and forunately the rain held off whilst we were there. After the place started to fill up we headed home where the girls also baked and made cookies and played outside for a bit! In the evening Dennis and Gloria came for supper and of course we had a humorous time! So a good day was had by all!
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Thandi is 1

Well indeed, Miss Thandi is 1!! She has been a great addition to our family and keeps us well entertained adn exercised!!! She loves the girls and is very often a part of the game.
She is full of speed and loves to fetch her ball, actually she is ball obssessed! Can't beleive we have had her this long already!

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Becca's bday

So Becca is 8! I am only managing to blog a month late, but hey it's been busy!! My sister made the cake and iced it with an Irish dance theme and of course did a spectacular job! Becca had decided to do Disneyland so we had a few friends from the neighbourhood and school round for cake. They had a blast playing outside! Miss Becca was very happy with her day!

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Friday, January 04, 2008

The pics that did not load!

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas eve cont

This is Dennis and Gloria here with the girls, Steve's parents. They have totally slotted in to the grandparent roll and do a superb job! OF course we had to get pics of Kev and Chuck and then what brother-in-laws do for each other! Seriously had a great, late evening!

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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was spent with our brother-in-law Steve's family! This family have adopted us which is great espeically at Christmas it is hard being away from our own parents! So here are some pics of all the girls and then our friends the Watermans and my sis and Steve. We had an absolute fun evening and the food was great to. The kids so enjoyed opening their presents. The family tradition is for the youngest to open first and we go up the age ladder.

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Pj day

Today was the most exciting day of school for me! It was the last day and it was PJ day! As I was helping I decided to also go in my Pj's! Well there were 2 of us moms in the school who were in our Pjs and PROUD of it!!! I started off helping in pre-school in Kaela's class and then it was time to set up for Becc'as class lunch. They do a lunch for Christmas and all the parents are involved in supplying the food, cutlery, crockery, everything! Then there are others who help serve, clean up etc. All in all we had a fun time and it was a good end to the school term and we were certainly ready for our break!

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Becca's Christmas Concert

Well the day finally came and it was Becca's Christmas concert. Many hours of rehearsing and excitment! I got there 45 mins before it was due to start and the place was packed! Anyway managed to get good seats and we were well entertained by the 2nd graders! Kevin also managed to come which was great. The children had fun performing and we had fun watching!
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